From toritsu daigaku station 30 seconds walking to get to the club! Easy access.
It is convenient location, recommended for after work or just for a little lesson.
Golf studio ' YGC toritsudai golf club' Newest simulator, form check, we will introduce our recommendation.

#3F Sa-ratoritsudaigakubiru
2-13-1 Nakane,Meguro-ku,
Tokyo-to 152-0031
Business hours
■ Weekday:
■ Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays:


Condition in this club

We have indoor golf studio.
Location is very convenient, only 30 seconds walk from the station.
We have a comfortable indoor space, so everybody can have earnest golf lesson.
It's indoor studio, how?
… secret is equipment that we have!!
Newest simulator and filming the form will help you get to next level and more secret ways!
You can come in empty handed and its monthly payment, so there is no wasting time. Fun and comfortable class.

Because of the newest simulator it makes the indoor lesson possible!
3D graphic will give you sensation lesson as if you are at outdoor course!
You can get the accurate data from sensor and sound sensor. Therefore, you can have earnest lesson all year long anytime you want and can come in with empty handed.

Local community

There are a lot of good restaurants and bars.
This club loves this area, so we would like to introduce everyone what is good in this area.
After the hard golf lesson, why not iced cold beer and great food?
Those who like this idea, check this information *
We have a lot of information to enjoy after golf! We have some coupon on the front deck! Feel free to use it!

Access Map

【Arriving by train】
Tokyu Toyoko Line, so as to make a U-turn to the right hand out of the Metropolitan Daigakumae ... turnstiles, 30 seconds foot along elevated to Jiyugaoka direction. Parking is the building of buckwheat.
【If you are traveling by car】
System Park Tokyo Metropolitan University ... Meguro-ku, Tokyo Nakane 2-chome, 12-21
Tokyo Park Metropolitan first ... Meguro-ku, Tokyo Tairamachi 1-chome, 26-11
System Park Nakane second ... Meguro-ku, Tokyo Nakane 2-chome 12-16
system Park Tokyo Metropolitan University ... Meguro-ku, Tokyo Tairamachi 1-chome, 26-3