Comfortable indoor golf lesson in
the middle of the city.

Golf with empty handed!

It is close from the station, and it is very easy to go because it faces a wide street!
On the way back from work, "I want to practice golf, but I do not have a tool" if YGC is okay at that time!
Please be assured that we also lend equipment to those who come empty-handed.
Beginners, women, one person is also welcome! To the smallest detail, staff will be coaching. We also have a female staff, so no need to worry!
Please tell anything to the friendly staff.

  • 【Yotsuya Golf Club】

    Yotsuya station located in a favorable location of 1 minute walk, as a warm "Golf Club in the winter cool." in the summer, we offer a motto that everyone will enjoy playing golf "more familiar", "more friendly".

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  • 【Toritsudai Golf Club】

    YGC Toritsudai Golf Club is a personal indoor golf studio which is located super close to the train station which is 30 seconds walk from the Toritsu-daigaku Station.

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  • 【Gotanda Golf School】

    YGC Gotanda Golf School is a perfect one-on-one lesson studio on a limited holiday, located in a favorable location, a 3-minute walk from Gotanda station.October 6 open!

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  • Kazuhide Sudo須藤 和英

    Representative of YGC Group
    Commonly known as: Sudo
    〔From Chiba〕
    JGRA professional member

    All for our customers! We are committed to protect the privacy of your personal information. Please enjoy a cozy and homey space♪

  • Hirokazu Ishibashi石橋 弘和

    Manager of YGC Toritsudai Golf Club
    Commonly known as: Hiro
    〔From Tokyo〕
    JGRA professional member

    Starting to play golf since junior golf! After graduating from university, I also experienced the game. And what I took away is that, it is important to understand all the techniques, mental and physical strength ... but first, just "to enjoy playing golf! "

  • Fuminori Shimazu島津 文則

    Manager of YGC Yotsuya Golf Club
    Commonly known as: Shima
    〔From Okayama〕
    JGRA professional member

    Golf is Lifelong Sport.I support you who begin to play golf and who purpose to pro golfer with my full effort.

  • Tomoyuki Koyama小山 友行

    Manager of YGC Yotsuya Golf Club
    Commonly known as: Tomosan
    〔From Nagano〕
    USGTF Level Ⅲ

    Born and raised in Karuizawa, Nagano!I have been golfing for 40 years.I love playing golf while feeling nature, so let's enjoy your golf improvement together and enjoy your golf life together!

  • Kawata Shigeto川田 茂仁

    Commonly known as: Shige
    JGRA professional member

    He has very good reputation for his lesson its manner of speaking and course management at slope.

  • Koji Yamaguchi山口 皇司

    Commonly known as: Yama
    〔From Tokyo〕
    JGRA professional member

    I'm consistent in my golf life!! Any driver who hits the golf ball hard and the approach that make score, I contribute to improve your skills!!

  • Rie Kawamukai川向 理絵

    Commonly known as: Riechan
    〔From Sapporo Hokkaido〕

    Bright and fun is my motto! Having good time and improve your golf with me!

  • Sumire Noda野田 すみれ

    Commonly known as: Sumire
    〔From Tokyo〕
    YGC certified instructors

    I aim for the LPGA Tour and I am working on it every day. If you want to master the beautiful flowing swing, please take a lesson.

Instructor Schedule

Yotsuya Golf Club


Toritsudai Golf Club


Gakugeidai Golf Club