One on one
on hand lesson!

One on one lesson will overcome your weakness!

Have you ever had an experience like, when you went to the golf lesson there was 2,3 or even 4 students and verses just 1 coach, so you couldn’t get much lesson out of it?
Here at YGC we have coach for every single guest, so each guest can have detailed lesson.
Most of us here are experience Pro golf coaches. We will provide flexible lesson to kids to an adult.

YGC Golf Club is doing
for women...

YGC golf club has clothing for women so every guest can come in with empty handed!
We also have fitting room and restroom with clean equipment for every guest's satisfaction.
For those who is worrying to come in by yourself or for beginners we have a female staff and we will coach you thoroughly.

The newest equipment and
comfortable atmosphere.

Come in with an empty handed!
We have free renta!!

  • Gloves

  • Golf club

  • Shoes

Because you can come in with an empty handed you can stop by after work,or when you are just close by and you feeling spontaneous!

Golf club, shoes, gloves are free rental, and we have locker with locks, fitting room with full of equipment. Enjoy your luxury golf time.


  • Yotsuya Golf Club

    Yotsuya Station, walk1minute

  • Toritsudai Golf Club

    Toritsudaigaku Station, walk30seconds

  • Gakugeidai Golf Club

    Gakugeidai Station, walk30seconds